Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Let her die with dignity!

Terri is long gone, by my opinion....not so by others.

However, the results of the courts; legislative; executive actions have all led to the current situation where Terri is still in state of dying.....

Regardless of your interests/prejudices/opinions, etc. the fact is she is dying, and will expire soon.

Then the facts do not matter about who is right/wrong/etc.

I hate this because the loss of a person who by ALL medical/psychological exams has not existed for 15 years, is such a media case.

Terri deserved better than this. The person who was Terri deserved to die a legitimate death....a death by natural processes. How long must we perpetuate the myth of life simply because we can induce continuation of heart/lung responses?

The idea of life is NOT one who can breath.....LIFE, by its very nature, involves THINKING!

It involves making decisions........

These options were not, nor ever could be, part of Terri on the feeding tube. Thus Michael's decision......

I am sorry it is over....SOON....I am sorry for her and her family, and the LOSS of 15 years of their collective lives to this lost cause!

How very, very sad!