Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Jackson Too Far!

I suppose I should not be so incensed! But, I am!

The Schiavo case has drawn what I thought was every nut case, extremist, etc. to our Tampa Bay area. I have been upset with stories of people arrested trying to carry water to Terri; about wheelchair bound folks laying down across the road by the hospice where Terri is located.....

Now the topper.....Jesse Jackson comes to town! Yep, this self-appreciating, media-chasing, cause-challenged alledged "Minister" is in town and according to local morning TV news shows will show up at the hospice this morning to try to gain entry to pray over Terri!

Perhaps a better description would be to PREY ON TERRI!

I guess that is not much different than the others who gathered from around the country to be near the hospice, except....You know Jackson can sense a media exposure from three states away.

How sad as the circus continues.

Let the woman's life end in peace....