Monday, March 28, 2005

I don't Sound "Warm & Fuzzy!"

You all read my rants, and my other items (are they a nice mix, I hope so).

My lovely Dutchess & I share a wonderful story of love. Love from the middle of our lives, that is!

I have often wondered if our story is unique, or much more normal than one might believe?

Thus, I ask you to email, or "comment" on this post to give me some idea of "Your" story......

Now, I shall tell you ours......

My lovely Dutchess & I have known one another for probably about 25 or more years. She was married to a fellow who became my best friend. He was a true genius of the PCs....I was an amateur. We shared a love of life, and love of women, and a love of the things we enjoyed....good food, good booze/wine, and much more.

He died suddenly at age 50 (he was a few years older than I) of a massive heart attack.

I helped his widow, already my friend, thru the tough times. We ended up together. We married several years later. How really COOL to be friends for years first, and then much more!

Our happiness knows no bounds to this day! Now we are married 10 years plus.

We are SO very together!


Now folks, tell me your story in comments, or by email, and I'll choose and forward same to the readers!

Thanks, and I hope you are having half as much life-fun as my bride and I! If so, you are HAPPY!