Sunday, March 27, 2005

Our "Failed Diplomacy" er.....Succeeds?

Kerry & Company spent most of last Spring, Summer and Fall touting the Bush Administration's so-called failed diplomacy. While that may remain a battle cry for them, (largely because of the backwards, out-of-touch and/or cowardly hiding of the involvement in Oil-For-Food by European former-powers France and Germany) Worldwide the scene seems to be developing where the USA takes center stage as the reason for moves toward Democracy in many places.

How lacking in success can the US be when we have: Afghanistan voting and organizing into a country.....Not overnight, as Glenn Reynolds regularly reminds us! However the march is onward.....Iraq votes and now their people are shooting back at terrorists and demonstrating against them as well....while the Zarqawi block is apparently now looking for a safe road home. Lebanon is asking our help (its people are by signs and in their now large voice) as they move from under Syria and seek their identity, not under Hezbollah! The Ukraine leans to the EU and the US as they also move from despot status to fledgling Democracy. Bahrain has demonstrations underway, and they seem to be developing from Egypt East and North to cover almost every Islamic state that has repressed its people!

Hindrocket at Powerline has a quite extensive look at Albania and how it turned from a near-N. Korea in attitude to one of strong USA support.

It is a good picture.....with lots more parts than I can insert in this post....and, it is a picture you will NEVER see displayed by the MSM, and strongly derided by the Democrats (read Left).