Saturday, April 02, 2005

The deceit continues.....Media Meddles!

The story of Terri Schiavo deserves a quiet death of its own!

However, that shall not occur....the MSM will insure that.

There is much to yet be discussed about the case, and much to be learned for the discussion of future dealings. (Capt. Ed and I have agreed to disagree on the topic, and to offer much discussion in the future).

However, the MSM's display of complete ignorance....often bring viperous reactions from some....seems to me to be quite unfair.

Today on FOX online they are trumpeting the fact of Terri's parents barred from her final moments. The fact is, as stated by sources close to the events.....The parents were with Terri. They were asked to leave when it became apparent she was slipping away, and staff needed to perform some end-of-life functions. After the functions (I don't know what they were) were performed, Terri was allowed to slip away while in the arms of Michael. Yes, he was there, and I certainly hope when I pass, if I do so before my bride, it is in her arms.....

The terrible price of the struggle between Terri's parents and Michael is a vile discourse making both look less than human, in my opinion.

The facts, when exercised in the light of day speak to different things.

The now much-pronounced plans for her burial, following cremation, are being again distorted. The stories are, why deny her visits from her parents by burying/interring her remains in Pennsylvania?

Well, maybe the fact her husband's family has a burial plot there, and he wishes her to be where he will be could be a mitigating factor. Her burial is not for the convenience of a visit by any particular people. Why is it bad to be placed in her husband's family plot?

It is certainly not as if she was being taken to a remote site by this man.

He is hiding the place for purposes of avoiding the obvious problems of al.

Open minds can look at this from a different level.