Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A 30 Day Campaign? - Don't Believe So!

Dick Meyer has originated an idea that we try the 30 day election gambit used in England for our next Presidential Election....Read it here!

I am sure on 1st look the idea sounds great. After all, avoiding more than a year of yelling, shouting, lying, etc. would be really nice on the eyes and ears. However, given the Rathergate incident and numerous others, it seems to me that such a limited timeline would actually offer much more to those who would perpetuate such myths as the fraudulent memoes....and to do so so close to the election as not to allow rebuttals nor explorations for truth to occur.

I believe we are and should be stuck with a more lengthy campaign which, after all, allows us to explore all the lies, misstatements, least we hope so!