Monday, April 11, 2005

Sorry for the S-L-O-W weekend of blogging!

Daughter in Houston fell down stairs from 2nd to 1st floor, broke both bones in leg above the ankle and has had surgery to place steel pin in leg bone.

The couple have kids 18 months and 4,

Hubby (an FAA guy) is home for a couple of weeks, then the Dutchess is off for merry old Texas to take a week of grandkids and helping.

Kind of stopped us for a while.

Most amazing thing?

In hospital one day, surgery the next, home the following. The way of all things in today's medicine. Unfortunately that leaves all rehab after hospital departure. She will be 6-8 weeks off the leg.....

However, as compared to an earlier age, she should have no limp nor evidence of the injury other than her steel pin!

Bless the Gods!