Thursday, April 14, 2005

China's Achiles Heel?

Chinese citizen unrest may be a major problem for the rapidly developing giant. A Number of stories are circulating, including this by Instapundit, and several other stories from media around the world.....Including Ian Porter at The Age, who has a look at the unrest from an economic/social viewpoint. Jeremy Page, at ISN Security Watch, spoke in March of welfare and infrastructure projects in China aimed at quelling unrest in the run up to major leadership changes.

Whatever the full story is, and that is not likely to be available because of control the Chinese exert over their media, it appears the growth of unrest is going to begin to preoccupy the Chinese to a level that may slow some of their ambitions toward growth and a "retaking" of Taiwan.

We can hope so in the name of maintaining peace in that area. I do not relish the thought of an attempted taking by force of Taiwan which would likely suck in the US & Japan, at a minimum. Results would not be pretty.