Tuesday, April 12, 2005

MSM has no candle to Zarqawi....

Has anyone else noticed the trend in pronouncements from the Zarqawi-led terrorists in Iraq?

They have never been shy about their following of an event with grandiose statements about their "achievement". However, in the face of massive defeats lately, and not a lot to report positive....the terrorists seem to be gravitating toward publicizing their own catastrophic losses as victories!

Now, they attack the military prison en-masse, and they lose all but their few who escaped, and inflict pathetically-few casualties (WOUNDS ONLY) upon the US forces, and they claim responsibility.

Today, they are killed by apparently dozens in Qaim, near the Lebanese border, and no casulaties, nor wounded by the US troops, and again they trumpet the fact they attacked on their web sites.

Is it just me, or are the terrorists followers of Zarqawi exposing their lack of capability by shouting out loud about their losses?

I believe the MSM is missing a major opportunity here, but then what could one expect from the liberal-driven icons of news!