Friday, April 15, 2005

Seals, do You see any Seals?.....

I am constantly amazed by the veritable deluge of LIES in news these days....the stories which are contrived, written well ahead of the actual event, and sometimes published!

Seals, the annual it real, does it go as we are told?

Check out the story at Vodka Pundit.....and if that is not enough for you then follow more of the LIES of the media, as presented by Michelle (My gal....don't I wish!). She gives lots of reference to the media lies, misrepresentations, etc.

I, as a former newsman, find the current state of lying and story misleads to be VILE!

It makes me almost ashamed to say I was a Newsman......just because it is becoming such a lowdown profession......

BUT there are the love of life, my life to love.....
GO Guys and Gals!......publish your "stuff" and let us keep the rest of the world aware that there are "cogniscenti" among the pages of webdom!