Sunday, April 17, 2005

What the Hell is the GOP Thinking?

I am sitting here watching the GOP Senate leadership dribble away the finest opportunity to enact what the VOTERS told them to do in November.


Capt. Ed over at Captain's Quarters has a quite nicely put message....combination I asked in the title of this piece.

The facts are out there in the glare of media coverage. The GOP is standing watching the parade go by while smiling and making no attempt to join in. Their judicial nominees are beginning to bail out as they smell the know the ones with MSM thorns, and all the while being asked to not answer question, but allow the GOP to carry the ball for them. Unfortunately the GOP has fumbled this ball so badly that the cast for 2006 elections is being placed as we watch. I fear for the predicted continued advances as the folks who told the GOP what to do in November begin to realize they are not really a part of this scene.

Ignoring your mandate will get you a is called defection! It is underway and something I have been feeling for some time.

What the Hell is the GOP Thinking? And, could they share some of their thoughts with those of us who worked long and hard on their cause in 2004?

Nuff said!