Tuesday, April 26, 2005

InstaPundit Hits my "Hardware" Nerve!

Glenn over at Instapundit has a neat little comment on hardware stores today here, complete with at least one update. I'll bet this one generates LOTS of replies!

For my part, I spend about 90% of my hardware store time in the local Ace, just about five blocks away and quite a small place. They have lots of help, all knowledgable, and all equipt with the little headsets to communicate. I find most stuff there and find it fast!

However, My 2nd choice is a new sort of Super Home Depot just built about a mile from my place. There they have a huge garden area, not available at my Ace, plus while looking for carpet, tile, cabinets, etc. I find what I want and seem to have decent help, though not as good as Ace.

My local Lowe's is just not staffed properly. It is older, and thus not as well-stocked either.

I have a friend who works for Lowe's in another town and his theory is....Shop any of them as long as it is a newer store! The top managers, who build the best staff and give the best customer service are always named to the big new places! Ace is the exception as they are locally owned!

Makes sense to me.