Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'll write the commercial.......

The arguments favor Capt. Ed....far as Duke can tell....Check his words here!

Seriously, I'll write the commercial....even record it if you like (I was a broadcast journalist for 8 years!). Just give me some numbers to fill in the blanks, and find a funding source, and the s-l-o-w m-o-v-i-n-g GOP leadership will have in short order all the public support they need!

Let me about something like this......

"American voters want to know....

How many judicial nominees by a President of the United States have been filibustered in the past 105 years?


How many times have judicial nominees by President George W. Bush been sent back because the Democrats promised filibuster if the attempt was made to vote on them?


Which Democratic Senator(s?) spoke out during Bill Clinton's Presidency and demanded that his judicial nominees be given a simple up-or-down vote?

(fill in the names)

Now let me see? Which party is undermining the nation's history by the current Democratic party attempt to halt the President's nominees?


Good patriotic background music, plus a simple scene of some 50-65 year old dressed in a hat, open shirt, etc standing in a park.....he walks away as the music comes up at the end......

ANNOUNCER: "Let Your Senator know you want the tradition to these people up-or-down. It IS Tradition!"

Duke Speaketh (&YES, I'd even do the damn thing if the camera could survive it!)

Time for some REAL pro-active effort by a dithering GOP!

Duke of DeLand