Sunday, April 24, 2005

What a Week(end)!

Sorry folks, little posting for several days.

I could bore you with the details, but will eliminate the "job-related" stress, and simply say life is a bit upset now......for this week any way.

Daughter in Houston, recovering from fall down her stairs, and the steel pin in her leg to hold the bone straight, is now in possession of my Dutchess who flew out from Tampa Saturday morning. She will be there for a week....

Her job is not care and feeding of daughter, but of grandkids aged 4 and 19 months!

We are people who like being together; hate being apart, but family calls! PLUS, daughter in N. Illinois is due any day with our #9 grandchild!

Hectic times. Today I have only local Grandchild, an 8 year old boy, with me. We are having fine times. Later, I have to dart off to Elks Lodge where we are expecting 40 visitors from Connecticut who have just returned from a cruise out of the Port of Tampa. I am ranking officer today ad others are out-of-town. We'll need snacks, and some attention to our guests. (I am a Trustee of the Lodge!)

More later folks!