Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Iraqis Give US an A+

Why is it the bloggers of the US are not following the same Iraqi bloggers they earlier could not list often enough?

The stories to refute any Liberal or other challenge to our still being there is answered if only we read the blogs from those who are LIVING IT!

Such as our wonderful communicator; Iraq The Model.....

Please read the entire thing. It is marvelous in telling what is felt by the people! Some of the quotes are priceless, however, I hesitate to pull any as he speaks so very, very nicely of the situation now versus before, under Saddam!

His references to others are also valid, but don't waste your time reading the stories which originated his statements....they are drivel, and fact-challenged.

We need to keep these folks front and center in the blog world to insure we tell the story the MSM will never let out!

Duke of DeLand