Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Lost Father! - WWII Vet

I am saddened this evening as I read of Michael Schaefer at "Citizen Blogger" who today lost his father, a WWII Vet, as was my father.

His loss reminded me of my own father and my loss at his death many years ago. Losing a father is no picnic any time, but losing one who suffered the many things these WWII vets carried with them to death is even more trying!

My own father, a 3 time purple heart winner, would never talk of his serious involvement; only of some of the funny times in Italy, France, etc.

He carried many heavy things to his grave, and the times dictate we stop and salute such as Michael's father. These folks, more than today or any other time since perhaps the original revolution for independance, gave of themselves by the hundreds of thousands so we could have our USA of today.

A Salute to your Father, Michael. I shed a tear with you!

Duke of DeLand