Friday, May 06, 2005

A "Squeaker" in British Elections?

By whose definition was the returning for a third term of British PM Blair a close call?

Why by the MSM, of course.

The facts were laid out this morning quite clearly by Neal Boortz....

This completes the worldwide trifecta of leaders who supported the war in Iraq, then cruised to victory at the polls. The first was John Howard in Australia, then George Bush and now Tony Blair. Perhaps there is hope for the world and the fight against Islamic terror.

So how is the good news being greeted in this country? All of the headlines are seeking to minimize Blair's success. We're being reminded over and over again that the Labour party was re-elected with a reduced minority. They're making it sound like he just squeaked into office, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The House of Commons has 646 seats. 620 seats are reporting this morning, and Labour has won 353, Conservatives 195, Liberal Democrats 60 and other parties 12. Depending what the final tallies are, Blair will have around a 60-seat margin in the House of Commons. In the United States, we call that a landslide. m (My emphasis)

Congratulations this morning to the Right Honorable Prime Minister Blair.

Somehow, the MSM had a different picture....

Their take, universally from FOX to ABC, NBC, and even the former major network CBS, all tied re-election to the terms "narrowly"(despite a huge margin), "in spite of Iraq War opposition" (just like the opposition to Howard in Australia and to Bush in the USA...a topic which quite apparently did not play in any of the three countries.)

But then we are talking about a MSM which is refusing to recognize the almost-assured charges of espionage on behalf of AIPAC by a US citizen. For whatever reason they might have.

Man, the blogosphere has its work cut out, but is making great progress.

I am proud to be a little bitty cog in the system!