Tuesday, May 10, 2005

L A - Cops are a Problem/Missing/Missing Shots...

The Best a writer seeking a new novel could do today would be to concentrate on the episodes of "L A Law"....No, not the Lawyer show....the Cop show!

The L A Police & Sheriff's Office have become a JOKE!

They are a joke to the residents, the gangs, and most of the rest of the US of A!

Currently stories out there indicate the depth of the disintegration...

1st - LA Cops short on Officers, and they are not "experienced"....according to no less than My Gal, Michelle Malkin. Note the included comment that the average cop on patrol has less than 5 years experience.....almost a newbie by most descriptions.

2nd - The "newbies" have managed to contain an unarmed man in an SUV with a meager 120 shots fired and one officer hit by "friendly-fire" as they pulled the old circle-the-wagon and fire a lot trick as reported by the Herald Sun. (OK, sue me, the report concerns LA Sheriff's Deputies...much the same from most reports from the area)

I guess I know why I don't want to visit LA any time soon.....

Duke of DeLand