Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho....A Vacationing We Go!

The Dutchess joins the Duke in an auto sojourn (as opposed to most we love car travel...particularly in our "old guy's" TC...short for Town Car) to see the highways and byways.....

We are off in the morning from Tampa up to my old stamping grounds in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Will be staying at Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin....the former "Playboy Club, Lake Geneva"....home of some fond memories into which I shall not delve as they are pre-Dutchess!

We're actually visiting Daughter in Rockford, IL and also son-in-law, and as of two weeks ago today 3 grandchildren! Newest is young fella who is, according to his Mom, "a pig".....seems he is eating like one anyway.....gained back his lost weight and about half a pound more in 1st week home.....LOVE a healthy, happy baby!

We will have the chance to see him, and the family, and then off to the Dells of Wisconsin for some R & R with two eldest grandkids who are 12 & almost 9.

Will be hopefully blogging via wi-fi laptop from the area....some pics to follow.... both family and the lovely Dells area of white birch, and rock cliffs....

More later.....

Duke of DeLand