Sunday, May 15, 2005

An Interesting Jumping of the "Age Gap"!

As a person approaching retirement, I am finding that the blogosphere provides a wonderful opportunity to cross the borders of age!

In no other medium I can picture can a 20-something college conservative conversing, with meaning and understanding, with a 60-something conservative/libertarian...and have it become a friendship!

I would refer my readers to a new, and quite nicely-done conservative site from, of all places, Wisconsin! Take a gander here!

My friend Lorenzo, whom I actually met when he and I exchanged sites as he was involved in another blog with friends from his student days, has become administrator of this new site.

Best of everything to you Lorenzo, and may you succeed....Thanks for the communication with "an old guy".....We find so much in common about life, liberty, and the pursuit of Liberal Democrats!

Duke of DeLand