Monday, May 16, 2005

Give Me A (Hurricane) Break!!!!!!

The predictors.....sounds like a band of the 60s.....have now pronounced that the 2005 season will be BIG! Here is their prognistication....via FOX.

I, as a certified Florida resident and survivor of MULTIPLE hurricanes in 2004, am less-than-assured that these folks are any where near reality!

My life of 1978-to-date has indicated the only thing less accurate than hurricane predicting is the prediction of where my cat Bandit will "hork up" a hairball....

You know it is going to happen...but not when, nor how often.....Just be assured it WILL happen sometime, somewhere, when you least expect it!

Hurricanes are like this. 20 plus years as a resident of the "Sunshine State" have given me assurance that predictors are all crazy, and without justification.

Check me at the end of this season, and see if I am wrong!

Duke of DeLand