Friday, May 20, 2005

On-The-Road II

1st Day complete......14 hours as we slept in and left Tampa at 8am instead of the planned 6:30...

Long drive, but quite nice in the TC.

Spent last night here in Paducah, Ky. Crossed the mountains between Chattanooga and Nashville and then over one of my favorite spots....Lake Skipajack.

Blogging on the free high speed at Country Suites. Not wifi, but just as one wire!

This afternoon we'll be in Rockford, IL seeing new grandson Edward Jeffrey for the 1st time. His Mom informs us he's "a pig" least eats like one. Gained back his birth weight plus a pound his 1st week! Takes after grandpa, I guess.

More later....pills to take, showers to enjoy and then a quick breakfast downstairs before we hit the road and I have to turn this over to the Dutchess for some serious DVD time on the drive today.

Short add-on note, the trip is convincing us of the need to move to an RV for space and availabilities such as restroom and our own cooking! (Make that the Dutchess' cooking!)


Duke of DeLand