Monday, May 23, 2005

On The Road IV

Well, a couple of days off as we celebrated our arrival in Illinois/Wisconsin.

Before I go there, let me give some observations of the trip here.

The states from Florida to Illinois and Wisconsin all seem to have distinct characteristics for the traveler.....

Florida: The highways are full, and the troopers plentiful. We live there, so it is only natural to us.

Georgia: Is it just me, or has I-75 been under construction for the past 27 years? Lots of slow places, and probably at least 3/4ths of the road work sections were completely devoid of any whiff of a worker! Georgia also has lots of troopers....each with an aparent quota. Plus, there are an inordinate number of county sheriff's deputies who find the attraction of Interstate travel and radar enforcement to be irresistible!

Tennessee: Love the mountains on I-24 as you head North out of Georgia. A great state to cross.

Kentucky: We cross the little-populated Western area on I-24 past the twin Lakes of Barkley and Kentucky. Always fascinated here as my maternal grandfather was head of Barkley Dam at one point in his career (later moving to Alabama and headed both Wilson and Joe Wheeler Dams of the TVA. My Mom and Dad met at Joe Wheeler as my dad led the detachment protecting the dam in 1941-2). This trip it was storming and really a bit scarey even in the Town Car. Lots of dark clouds and bold lightning strokes crossed the night sky. We spent that night in Paducah.

Illinois: Long, flat, and home to lots of farmland. We drove to Bloomington and lunched at the Steak & Shake restaurant just blocks from the famous 1st of the chain built in 1934. Great Chili! Illinois troopers are also numerous.

Wisconsin: We've traveled some of the roads here and visited a number of places. More on Wisconsin in chapter 4.