Monday, May 30, 2005

No Gold Star for you, MOM!

Happy Memorial Day!

Let us remember our veterans and those who gave their lives for our country. It is not a is a memorialization!

Most of us recall our family members who gave so much for our freedom's continuation. Those soldiers giving continue to do so on the battlegrounds of Afghanistan and many others.

Today I read with pain the story of the Mother of a US soldier killed in Afghan fighting who was DENIED admitance to the National Gold Star Mothers.

WHY? Well she is a permanent resident from the Phillipines....but NOT a citizen.

Her son, Anthony Lagman, 26 died last fall in battle. Lagaya Lagman, however, is just not good enough to be a Gold Star Mom. Apparently you are only a Gold Star Mom if you are a US citizen.

Let me get this straight....If your Mother is not a citizen and you die for your country, then they are less-than-a-part of the rights of any military widow/mother?

Who the hell do these elitist "Mothers" think they are?

The Gold Star Mothers have a site here. Why not pay them a visit, and then....recall their wonderful motto....

"Perpetuating the Noble Principles for which they Fought and Died"

Then, if you feel the sting I feel for Lagman's Mom....drop by and email here.

Ms. Lagman, tending to her seriously ill husband is dismayed by the publicity and has withdrawn her application for membership.

Meanwhile the Gold Star Mothers are building their National Monument in Putnam County, NY. (Only soldiers killed whose mother is a verifiable US Citizen need apply!)

Damn, but that pisses me off!

Duke of DeLand