Saturday, May 28, 2005

Florida's Rush to Change Voting

Capt. Ed over at Captain's Quarters has given a nice look into problems with Florida voting....not state-wide, but in a few a result of the bruhaha in 2000. Check it here.

However, Ed, you missed one major point in the entire display and millions spent. The actions/expenditures were in response to results in a few counties in 2000. Those counties were run by and their elections offices overseen by Democrats!

The complaints were largely by Democrats from Gore on down.

The alledged "issues" were all voter related based on denial of access, and ballots that were not easily interpreted. They were ALL in Democratically run voting areas!

Thus, the cause of the rush to disengage a long-standing tradition in voting methods was caused by and driven by Democrats....The only people who were complaining in the first place!

These facts should headline any story about the wasted dollars as they show just how responsible the Democratic machine is for voting know, the ones they cry out so loudly about...

Thanks Ed for at least giving us some exposure for the millions wasted. You won't see that in the MSM of our Florida!

Duke of DeLand