Sunday, June 05, 2005

Tampa Tribune shows their MSM Membership!

Saturday's Tampa Tribune front page had the headline in the top right.....

"Pentagon Confirms Abuses of Koran" the subtitle reads.....
"Inquiry Report Details 5 Incidents"

They are using the Eric Schmitt story from the NYT. I'll not bother to repeat it as it has appeared in several major blogs already. Suffice it to say they use multiple paragraphs to detail each incident.

The fun part, after half a page 1 column and another third of page 13 to complete this story in raving detail on all five "incidents", the story concludes with the following brief paragraph which quietly fesses up to the 15 incidents commited by "detainees".....

"The report also found 15 incidents in which detainees mishandled the Koran."

Anyone else notice some lack of detail about these 15 incidents?

I have commented back to the Trib online with my assessment of their MSM bias showing. If they use my bleat, I'll detail it here.

Even in Tampa the bias is horrendous.......Oh, and did I mention that today's followup piece on page 4 of the Tampa Tribune, by Deb Reichmann of the AP, is headlined:

"Koran Abuse Report Puts Pressure Back on White House"

This story uses Joe Lockhart, Clinton's former press secretary for warm and wonderful comments such as:

"I think on this issue, they fell into a trap..." referring, of course, to the White House.

The MSM continue to stumble along in the darkness.