Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Our Blog Leads ABC Online Story!

How very refreshing! Not only to be mentioned specifically by in a story, but to have their story led by reference and quotes from a blogger!

The interview I did last week with Rose Palazzolo, a producer for has been included in their new story unveiled today on the Condi-for-President movement, and our own website.

You can check the Condi story, and our lone comment inserted from a 20 minute interview, at

I am disappointed that some of what I felt were my better comments were not used, but all publicity is good for this cause.....and should not hurt our Condi-for-Pres BLOG. Check the site and watch as we begin some more active efforts for Condi....the person I believe we need in 2008. We need her most for her views and her charisma which will improve our image overseas (where she is VERY popular among both politicians and the general public). However, having her as the candidate sure would put a dent in Hillary's base!