Friday, June 17, 2005

"Where's The Apology?"

Much is being written, and EVERYTHING is being challenged in the Terri Schiavo case once again. Just because two professional Medical Examiners have determined lots of things regarding this unfurtunate young woman does not inhibit the "I just know its true" crowd from chanting their public mantras.

The best statement I have seen so far is contained in today's WaPo article by E. J. Dionne, Jr..

Read it!

It IS time for the individual GOP loudmouths who stood up and "knew" the courts in Florida, the medical examiners, the doctors, the specialists who had even been hired by the Governor of Florida were all wrong!

Now it is time stand tall, accept your mistaken approach and speak out!


No, go ahead......we're listening!

nada, non, nyet, nothing.......Imagine that!
Why, whoda thunk it?

Maybe one of my biggest surprises is that the screaming MSM, long trying any trick they can to nail G W Bush on something, have not bannered this into a Bush-bashing.


UPDATE! Our GOP Governor, Jebbie-Baby Bush, has now called upon the State's Attorney in Pasco County to "investigate" the lapse in time from when Terri was found until help was called. This guy just cannot let this thing fade away!

ALL of the case has been investigated, re-investigated, and examined again over the 15 years since it began in 1990.

In all those checks NOT ONCE has Michael been faulted by anyone except Terri's family and a few outside do=gooders who spoke with no actual case knowledge.