Friday, June 17, 2005

You are NOT a Senator, Mr. Durbin

Email has been sent to this idiot of a senator whose sense of propriety and understanding of his own people is beyond belief.....The email reads:

Your outrageous, unbelievable comments regarding comparisons of the soldiers at Guantanamo to some of the most vile regimes of the past 100 years....perhaps ever....are an insult to the nearly 1,000,000 veterans of Illinois; as well as the millions across the nation!

As a retired National Staff Officer for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary (Lt. Commander), I am even more offended than as a citizen.

You speak much like one of the outrageous terrorists so often exposed openly by the liberally-biased media.

You also deserve the anti-Durbin movement which you have spawned thru your idiocy!

Paul "Duke" DeLand, BC-MSN, Ret - USCGA

Michelle Malkin heretells the story better than i ever it and then email this idiot yourself!