Sunday, June 19, 2005

Discoshaman's Return!

Just when you feel you know a great blogger.....Doscoshaman, who is mostly known for his wonderful blogs thru the crisis in Ukraine, FROM Ukraine, suddenly returns from a well-deserved sabatical with a spot-on look at US Education. His piece, refers to a Jeff Jacoby piece, read it all: Celebrate Diversity - Support School Choice<. Man he hits the National Education Association for its negative impact on true diversity.

Some excerpts:

"The current system is a pedagogical Yugoslavia -- a cobbled, unhappy pseudo-nation held together by the big guns of the National Education Association and their millions of dollars in campaign donations.

This might be justifiable if these were excellent schools. But their performance is about as impressive as a Yugo. We spend more money per capita than any nation, and for a vastly inferior product."


"It's ironic that those who claim to 'Celebrate Diversity' and speak most glowingly about pluralism and multiculturalism are the ones most opposed to actual pluralism and multiculturalism in our educational system. Because that's exactly what school choice and vouchers would bring. The entire spectrum of American religious, ethnic and intellectual life would be represented freely.

The opponents of Choice are in the unpleasant position of arguing FOR monopoly and stifling homogeneity in education. Oh, and in favor of a failed and hideously expensive status quo that traps inner-city students in academic hellpits."

Neal Boortz will be giving this a ride, of that I am sure.....

& If you are not reading Discoshaman at: Le Sabot Post-Moderne, then you'd better begin!