Tuesday, June 21, 2005

BASH-BASH - Those GITMO Folks Sure Know How!

Sorry, but this writer needs a time-out (Laugh track,,,,,,,,)

The facts are in folks, as delivered by
Michelle Malkin....via others......

The GITMO tirades by Democrats, MSM, etc.....ARE NOT working!


What Fun!

Tell me more again, Mr. Dean.....Oh Please, Mr. Durbin.....let me have the facts and the FULL innuendo!!!!!!

These guys simply are OUT-OF-TOUCH!

With America, with their own people, with the world!

But, please, please......Do Not Tell Them!

Duke the "Pleased"

UPDATE: Durbin has offered his version of the infamous non-apology apology.....What a creep! No need to say much about this as Michelle Malkin covers the waterfront in Durbin Watch: The Tears of a Clown. A really good compilation of reactions.

Oh, and for those apologists for Durbin who think he jumped ship....uh NO! Mayor Daley of "Shh-cog-ah", the primary force behind Durbin's machine, spoke out and called Durbin out yesterday saying the Senator was WRONG!