Monday, June 20, 2005

The Bolton Nomination Fails Filibuster Challenge!

Well, it has happened folks (apparently, and according to headlines).

Bolton's filibuster continues.

What now?

That is THE resounding question!

The GOP has led since being given a much larger majority in November 2004. They have led in NAME and VOTES only!

They cannot to-this-day deliver a majority to President Bush.

WHY have a 55-44 majority?

What good is it!!!!!!!

What do we gain?


This GOP, from the GOP Senate/Congressional leaders to the pressure NOT applied by Bush speak of WEAKNESS!

This President will never name a Supreme Court Judge with HIS view of the law!

He has not the power, nor the people supporting his MAJORITY in BOTH houses of Congress, who can force any issue. The Democrats, on the other hand, are DOING WELL! They stop the Bush movements at will....They avoid being chastised for their intransigent remarks!

Bush.....YOU had better wake up and let lose the BASKING in your vote of authority, and FORCE it to work!

Otherwise 2006 will be a nightmare!

Man-o-man, what a fiasco!