Wednesday, June 22, 2005

UN Problems, I Don't See No UN Problems!

The UN is such a fine organization!

FOX initiated a wonderful piece this week on how Alexander Yakovlev managed to be the trifecta!

He was in charge of much UN purchasing; managed to obtain a TOP shelf job for his son, and was the "father-confessor" to the Volker commission all at the same time....

How do you spell NEPOTISM?

Now, as stated in my article below, Yakovlev has suddenly resigned....This follows by days the original story by FOX News online!

However, given FOX's status as "persona non grata" among the elitists of MSM, the story of the Yakovlev resignation; hell the story of his apparent nepotism, is being solidly ignored by the other media (MSM Types!)....

No mention of the resignation by; ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN.....need we say more?

I guess not!