Sunday, June 26, 2005

Musical Disonance - CCR vs Dan Fogelberg

Over at Powerline the story of one's involvement in CCR lore..... read it here...

And it bring to mind my own involvement in music.

I grew up in, as the title of my blog suggests, Pekin, Illinois. My high school band leader later was made famous by the song of his son.......

The song....."The Leader of The Band"

The artist, Dan Fogelberg.

My bandleader in high school, Larry Fogelberg....."The leader of the band" and Dan fogelberg's father.

Larry Fogelberg was much more. As the song by Dan refers to, but does not make clear.... Larry Fogelberg was Director of the Navy Band in WWII, and he wrote "The Navy" March. Larry was also director of the Bradley University addition to my Pekin High School Band. I played in the University Pep Band at Bradley Basketball games back when the Bradley team played for championships against such as "Oscar Robertson", "The Big O", and had on the Bradley team such as Chet "The Jet" Walker.....

I was a High school junior, but we loved the chance to see the Bradley Braves play.

Oh, and Dan Fogelberg was a snot-nosed kid who came sometimes to out band practice in Pekin and at Bradley.

Dan's songs still tell a tale....most of the songs relating his own experiences.

My Favorite still, the song "Run for the Roses"....

Love my heritage in Pekin, Illinois What a grand place to place your roots!