Thursday, June 23, 2005

Mi Casa - Su Casa! Yeah, right!

My House is Your House! so translates the above, and boy-o-boy is that ever right! The SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) has ruled that people's homes can be taken from them to give to other private owners....Boiled down, that is what the much-more-complex ruling means.

Your house is not yours! You only get to own it until someone with more clout/$/etc. comes forth and "needs" your property for "whatever!"

Read here 1st.

Then get over the Michelle Malkin who, as usual is spot on with lots of reference points.

The primary point.

YOU HAVE NO PROPERTY RIGHTS! You can own your home for DECADES, and you can be displaced at thre whim of a politico, a corporation, or another citizen. You have no defense for this.

Of course, you will be paid for the property....who knows how that will pan out.

However, the Supremes have sung a 5-4 decision against individual property owners.

Anyone out there know why I am incensed that the Bush "conservative" judicial candidates have not been PUSHED? Anybody finding a nice warm spot in their heart for McCain, and his 6 little traitors?

The ONLY saving grace, and it is very small folks, is that this basically leaves it up to the various states to decide how to control eminent domain.

Anyone out there got any REAL confidence in your state legislature to curb the politically-fixed or the powerful corporations?

This so far overshadows the many topics currently boiling along in the MSM that it is not even in the same class. What do you imagine the liberal media will have to say?

I am not excited about the prospects.

A sad day for My America.....Truly!


UPDATE & ADDITION from Little Duke:

Son, Little Duke (he's 42, for heaven's sake!) has a very solidly stated position....while I don't find the "experimental society an answer.....I like the idea of options, and find his analysis of our society's decay to be pretty spot-on!

Read it:

The Enemy Within

With one ruling today, the Supreme Court did more damage to this country than terrorists could do with a couple of nukes. They have decided that Government can take your property for any reason that Government thinks is important. Oh sure, they will pay you for it, but it’s value will be decided by the same class of people that no longer find it necessary to actually believe in the Constitution.

Yes, the Judiciary in this country has stabbed us all in the heart. When historians look back on what killed this country, this "Greatest Experiment Ever Created", today will mark the beginning of the end. All this time, we have been focused on terrorism. Who could have thought that the most dangerous thing we could end up facing would be our own Supreme Court. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. It was just a while ago that this same court overturned free speech by not striking down "McCain / Fiengold" Actually, its all in the same vein. Freedom of speech is really nothing more than another property right. The freedom to use your property, be it voice, money, or any other material possession is what Freedom of Speech is all about. With today’s ruling, they just put the final nail in the coffin... Each and every one of our "Rights" is in one form or another, a property right and today, we lost our most basic.

Property rights are no longer recognized at the Federal level. The only hope may be The Free State Project. This is a project that involves many Liberty minded people (20,000) to move to a state and exert enough influence to steer the state toward more freedom. Once that state takes off and the rest of the country sees how well it works, other states will follow. I don’t know if it has a chance, but it beats the alternative.
What is the alternative? And I quote"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

Please do not misunderstand me. I do not advocate this. In fact, I feel that if it ever were to happen, this entire world would slip into another dark ages. The US is the only thing holding the world together right now and if we were to suffer a civil war, I would not want to see what chaos this planet would be in.
I wish I could end this post on a high note, but I can find nothing good to say about today. I fear for my Daughter and her children.

Little Duke