Thursday, June 23, 2005

"Judge" this priority! - USA 0 - Minor News 1

I am in the mode of UNBELIEVABLE!

Today the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) found that we do not really own our homes.....we just hold them until the local power people find a better use for the property!

That is an abomination, and is also the subject of rants by myself and my son here!

Now, I check to see how the MSM is reacting to this "critical to our society" event.... and "what to my wondering eyes should appear....but a miniature ARUBA and at least 8 tiny stories of a judge arrested in the disappearance of a lovely young blonde......"

YEP....MSM has no idea the Supreme Court met....let alone they may have decided the issue which may bring down the republic!

Check out ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN.....they ALL LEAD with the Aruba story.....

MSM is "OUT TO LUNCH", which, I guess, is pretty much what the American people feel judging by their support (or lack thereof) of the MSM in the believeability category!

I am a bit nauseated......wonder why?