Thursday, October 26, 2006

Don't Fence Me In!

Yepppers, folks....the "FENCE" signed into law by GW Bush today is a "potential" not a reality......just read this: and enjoy the difference!

I believe most of us in the blogosphere have already mentioned the possibles in this.


Way Too Important to Consign to Post-Vacation!

This from the Anchoress, posting at Captain's Quarters.........and, a stark reminder of where Europe is today, and we might well be tomorrow, if we continue the politically-correct BS!

Read it ALL HERE!

Then stop and think for a while, and educate yourself.....


Friday, October 20, 2006


Something is completely wrong about a retired person naming time away as "Vacation"! Life is a vacation for least it has been to date!

However, that said, we will be departing tomorrow for Madeira Beach....just 45 minutes from the homestead in Tampa for our annual 2 weeks at the beach. We have a time share we have utilized for the past 15 years this coming week, and for the past three years for the 2nd week.

I will be posting less, but also doing more on my Tampa Bay area picture blog.....

Check it out!


The Amazing Burned Car Dance

One of the really puzzling things to me about the Palestinians is their wierd attraction to bombed/burned out cars. The more people killed in the car and/or the higher-up the status of the person who was attacked seems to dictate the number and seriousness of the dancers.....always males.

Now I find I am not alone (knew I wasn't anyway as most sane folks would find the macabre actions way beyond comprehension). At any rate, Little Green Footballs is right there to also speculate on the issue.

And these folks wonder about some of our customs which they find unusual. When was the last time you saw folks in this country doing a wierd climb-kick-circle-engulf dance about a car which has been damaged in a similar attack? Never.....Right!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's The Economy Stupid (MSM)!

This is incredible. It continues to be absolutely without reason. I have a friend who is a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat. He bad mouths the economy even as it rolls to new heights and lower unemployment. 12,000 for the Dow? "A GOP manipulation!"....

Capt. Ed comments on this and George Will's column.

Thus the MSM, agenda-driven as they are, moves ever onward with the gloom and doom... until the day after Demo control and then the economy will be top-shelf stuff until it begins to tank under Dem legislation...then it will be a GOP problem again.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

French.....No Hezbollah Enforcement; But Israelis Are Fair Game!

The French, surrender-monkeys that they are, have found a new method of letting the world know they are deranged, sick and without redeeming value!

The same folks who say they will NOT enforce the new UN accords to control Hezbollah....have now announced they may shoot at Israeli airplanes trying to check on the lack-of-control by the new "border patrol" over Hezbollah........

LGF (Little Green Footballs) has the story here!



"Does anyone where you live think that a Democratic Congress in the U.S. would be better for the world?" Fareed Zakaria

Man, the quotes do not get any better than this one! The facts are clear......GOP has really, really messed up.....expansion of government; pork spending; lack of a "fence" or a dedication to same; and less-than-certain dedication to the principles of the 1994 GOP takeover.

The saving grace? The Dems have NO agenda; NO plan; NO original thoughts. Their platform is stil the same as it was in 2000........"We Hate Bush!"......That plan will not win least I sincerely hope not!

Zakaria is correct!


Democrat = Commune-ism?

Long advocates of "It takes a village" mentality, the Democratic party is down to the dregs of any pretense of not espousing communisim in its simplest form.....

Their new phrase for this is revealed by Neal Boortz in his weblog this morning:

"The Democrats have now rolled out their catch phrase for the 2008 mid-term elections. You'll be hearing it time after time after time from Democrat spokesmen and candidates from now until election day. It's a phrase that does nothing less than lend support to the identification of Democrats as nothing less than big-government socialists.

The Democrat's catch phrase is one that will surely bring smiles to the faces of Marx and Lenin in whatever corner of hell they now occupy. The word --- or two words, if you will -- for the Democrats is now "common good."

Well, at least the Democrats are being loyal to their socialist roots. "Common good" was a catch-phrase for the communist movement for decades, now it is being officially embraced by the Democrats. No real surprise here. Democrat icon Ted Kennedy announced the war on individualism -- using those very words -- many years ago.

The idea of the "common good" is completely contrary to the concept of individualism. You either support and promote the idea of individuality, or you ignore the rights of the individual for the good of the whole .. for the common good.

So .. here we have the Democrats telling you just exactly who they are, and who they think you are -- not an individual, just one element that makes up the masses.

These people and their socialist "common good" theme are dangerous to freedom, liberty and the very concept of the individual. If you're looking for a reason to vote for the free-spending, big-government Republicans, the Democrats and their "common good" theme would be it."

Why do not the GOP bring this out themselves a bit more clearly? Are they afraid the Dems might backtrack and call them liars? If they did, and then later restated their "common good" theme, it would be a wonderful item for the GOP to re-expose.

Sometimes I think the GOP feels it is good to be the "nice guys", and thus lose a lot of points they ciould otherwise make.


Monday, October 16, 2006

A Backfire re: The Foley emails Release?

HT to Instapundit who pointed us to this piece....

Naw, someone would not threaten legal action, etc. just over an opinion piece....tell me it ain't so.

OOPS! Guess he would, and then try further to indicate his ability to enforce no exposure of his public statements....

Man-o-man, this guy surely does not understand the blogosphere, despite his protestations to the contrary.


It Is All Perspective - MSM Style

I love to read Iraq The Model......their view of Iraq is priceless; particularly after reading the MSM babble on #s killed, etc.

This time I was amazed at the clarity of Mohammed's revelation:

"There are heroes, and there are criminals. The two never equate as victims.
There is one video I wish I can find on the web. It's a short video that was shown on al-Iraqiya last Friday evening and was replayed several times that night.

Until I can find a way to get a copy of the video and put it up I will try to share with you a description of what I saw…

It's about a police station somewhere in Iraq, the place was about to be hit by a suicide bomber riding a vehicle laden with explosives.
The driver approaches the entrance to the station which is surrounded by concrete walls. Several police officers open fire from their ak-47's on the incoming suicide bomber but he keeps closing in.

As the vehicle passes through the gate and past the last barricade all of the officers run away seeking shelter…except for one extraordinary man.
One police officer held his position and was still standing in the way of the terrorist and kept on firing his rifle at the windshield until the vehicle was just meters from the officer, then…BOOM.
End of video….

I watched the video over and over again and my amazement grew with every time I watched it…this is incredible…this is heroic…this is happening.

2 dead, (n) injured in a car bomb. That's what we would read in the news next day and then someone would come to make a body count and make a study about the human cost of the war and list the two men from the two extremes of this conflict, both as victims of the war!
So the policeman is a victim and the bomber too is a victim?…it sounds so cruel and unfair. A man who died to save his colleagues and a beast who killed himself to kill others cannot and must not be both counted as victims.
One is an anti-life criminal while the other is a hero, but on paper, some idiots describe them both as victims of the war.

Who knows?! Maybe there are some other idiots who count the 4,000 foreign terrorists whom al-Qaeda confessed were killed in Iraq as victims too!"

I find this mind-boggling as a study in how Iraqi folks feel about the stupid, useless bombings and, more-importantly, the MSM coverage of same, sanitized and counting only numbers.


"Scratching The Developer's Back"

The Reid it would be if the MSM found him to be a in full bloom behind the MSM barriers. Ed Morrissey (Captain Ed of Captain's Quarters) has a neat package of where the story is developing in his New York Post article.

This one should grow, and if it does it will impact Reid's ability as Dhimmicrat leader.....


NYT Sez No GOP Debacle at Polls!

The New York Times, always a strong liberal newspaper, feels the GOP is not in danger of a landslide away from them.

Capt. Ed delivers an interpretation of their publication.

Michael Barone, at Real Clear Politics doesn't find compelling polls showing a Demslide....and questions a thin victory's impact.

Maybe the dark is not so dark as it appeared.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bush/Rove Positive About Elections?

Seems so......

Michael Abramovitz of the Washington Post has this piece about the unexpected B/R positive slant...and it is not false optimism according to the experts!

I am still less-than-optimistic, but find it possible....WITH A nice GOP turnout.... that they might retain control. If it was by one person for the house, and less-than-three for the Senate, that might suffice to bring the GOP awake, alive and responding to the alarms.....but I doubt it!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Poll Show Dem Lead - Cause: GOP Performance!

John Hinderaker at Power Line has a short bit on the current election polls which are bright blue!

The truly sad thing here is the fact the Dems have done NOTHING to win this election. They are bereft of ideas, live on BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome), and yet they will probably take the majority in at least the lower house of Congress.

This is going to be an anti-GOP performance vote, pure and simple. The GOP has spent the farm and most of the livestock, dwadled on all major issues, ignored their own base which put them in power, and now want the voters to focus on "the important points".

Sorry guys, the important points are those listed above, and they will cost you dearly. Given the GOP leadership's ability to stay off-key with their voter base they will probably be standing around like village idiots post-election scratching their heads in wonderment that they lost it all.

How sad to know the Dhimmicrats will be in office......oh well....

Time to pay the piper!


Friday, October 13, 2006

Kim, The Saber-Rattler,,,,All Noise?

I have felt for a long time that Kim Jong Il, North Korea's petulant and obviously over-verbose leader, is a carnival shill. Scream, yell, stomp your feet the let the world know everything you want them to know while never givine them any "meat & potatoes" about the reality of your situation is his method of operation.

Capt. Ed has a nice descriptive piece on Kim's actions in which he explains his quite similar take on the N. Korean leader.

You have to blame the triumverate of Clinton/Albright/Carter for this fellow's ridiculous displays. It was these three who made deals with Kim to stop him, well to see that he didn', well, you know! They tried desperately to placate this despot in a teapot by giving him lots of lovely things for his country in real and control areas. In return they got......Nothing! He simply smiled, shook hands, put on a show and then went right back to work on nukes.

Capt. Ed is correct. The only method of dealing with this idiot is to contiinue the multinational approach to meeting with him. Why do you suppose he is trying so hard to avoid this? Because it is the only way he can be held accountable. That he wants to avoid at all costs.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

Reid, the Icon of Perfection for the Libs!

Reid has a land deal which stinks so bad it will provide fodder for the media for months! (Thanks Ed of Captain's Quarters!)

Wanna bet how much MSM coverage this gets?

If it were a GOP person....particularly a party leader, the call would be for the scalp, body, and soul of the individual. Guess that will NOT be the cry from the MSM. However, the AP had a story HERE!

Don't you just love the countdown to election. All the shills, all the "new" unveiling of problems for ALL the combatants?

Yee Haw! I love this country!!!


UPDATE: I love it....the AP has continued (much to my surprise) and finds This additional news!!!

Go you guys!

Intelligence Agencies Still Picking Their Noses!

The intelligence (oxymoron) community of the US Government is still off in outer space and falling fast. They have missed every important event of the past 10-15 years....and done so BADLY!

They this time misjudged the N. Korean nuclear capability which they discounted.

Instapundit has a suggested read for the group of agencies which seem to stumble badly every time they take a step.

Perhaps they are all drunk on their power....or in a fog over their lack of success to date in derailing the Bush Presidency.....their own version of the BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome)

God help us if we ever really need these idiots.....and, my next question.....WHY are the Bushies NOT taking steps to correct the situation?


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Sunday Pilots"

The crash of a small plane into a building today, apparently taking the life of the NYY pitcher, was a small plane. It was FAST.....BUT notoriously unstable in certain conditions. The syndrome is that of a pilot whose income allows purchase of a plane WAAAAAY beyond his skills as a pilot.

Kennedy comes to mind.

A pilot still learning, and trying to be all things.

Is that what happened here? I do not know, but the facts support a plane of this type flying too slow and not able to respond to controls available. I hope this is not true, however, too often it is.

If I won a few million in the lotto.....Like a professional baseball player in some ways.....Would I try to fly a nice new, fast plane myself.....Probably not....But then I am 63, not the age of this young-twenties baseball star.

Sometimes we outflow our abilities as we feel "invincible" due superior talents in one area.

Sunday pilots.....They can afford the plane and the training....Sometimes they exceed their capabilities in the name of bravado.

It is a sorry thing! The loss of talent and family is far greater than the ego-catching ability to fly on your own.

I sincerely hope I am wrong.


Hugh Hewitt Sez....

Hewitt sez...

"I shipped off my World Magazine column this morning on the absurdity of the idea of evangelicals and conservatives Catholics staying home in November or the even bigger horselaugh about a sudden defection. I'll post the column when it comes out, but it begins with this observation:

Justice John Paul Steven is 86. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 73. Justices Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy are both 70. Justice Stephen Breyer is 68. Justice David Souter is 67.

Senators elected in November will be casting votes on replacements for how many of these six justices during their six year terms? It is in the realm of possibility that all six will retire in the next half-dozen years, and a near certainty that more than one will. (My emphasis added!)

I think this reality will impact Montana's Senate race decisively as the issue of the future of the Supreme Court gets attention over the next four weeks. The current court majority is anti-property rights and pro-terrorist rights; hostile to the unborn and gun-owners; confused on racial quotas and a host of other issues. Jon Tester will join Patrick Leahy in obstructing nominees like Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito. So would Sherrod Brown. So would Harold Ford and Claire McCaskill. Robert Menendez already has, voting against New Jersey native son Alito.

And so would even Robert Casey, Jr., posing as a pro-life Democrat whose absurd position would be instantly revealed the moment he voted to organize the Senate under Harry Reid, with Leahy back as Chair of Judiciary.

The reality of the Dems anti-border security position has also registered. There is a split among Republicans over the extent of the regularization to be offered those who entered the country illegally, but there is general agreement as shown by the fence vote that border security must come first."

Hewitt has it right! I hate to admit it in light of this earlier post, but I was wrong....angry, etc. WE (GOP plus those enlightened Libertarians) must stop the madness and return the GOP to power.....even if in a position of only one house, and only the ability to negotiate.....that should expose the "do nothing", tax and spend Dems.

I must refer to my new favorite word......."Dhimmicratic" just how descriptive is that?


Unlike Chappaquiddick, No One Died In Foley, et al!

The comparison is a bit lame, but really in many ways highlights the Dem MANIA regarding a single Congressman vs the Kennedy disaster.

Read about it HERE at!


New Word Folks!

Seen on a comment at a site addressing the absolutely assinine Arizona "Memorial" to 911 (Memorial it ain't....liberal "The USA/GWB are wrong, wrong, wrong" statements are all about and I'll address this later).

The new word offered by a poster using the name "Hening" is.....


This may not be the 1st use of the word, however it is the 1st I have seen, and I find it just waaaay too cool!


GOP Straw Poll on Candidates

From Captain Ed......

Get involved folks......

Results matched my input, except I come across as a 6 on the RINO to Ultra-Conservative scale (slightly above middle of the road).Guliani lookin good! Romney surprising me!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Discrimination, We Ain't Got No Discrimination!

Muslims once again violate about ten laws....but does anyone care....and it is HERE in the good ol US of A!

Check this one from Little Green Footballs.

If the officials in the area are not responsive to this, I think it is time for the public to act.....whoops.....sorry, the blogosphere to act....


Now THIS IS Scary!

Read it 1st at The Belmont Club.

That is really something to send a chill down your spine. Could some dissident Russians perhaps have passed the suitcase bombs to N. Korea? Will some show up in other places of the world for a "big bang"......not in terms of a huge nuclear device, but in terms of pervasive reach of terrorists into the Western world.

I truly believe there are two things in this vein which scare me most. Suitcase bombs, and dirty bombs. Both small, yet effective in terms of giving us a feel for being still vulnerable to these creepy idiots whose goal is subjugation of us....not a simple war.


How Do You Keep Mosquitos Out?

You know, those little uninvited things invading through the open window....

Neal Boortz had the answer, as he unveiled on his web page this morning....AND he delivered it to GWB during the bloggers visit with the President.

"The reporter then asked if there were any exchanges between us and the president that might be defined as, shall we say, challenging. The issue of immigration policy immediately came to mind. We told the president that our listeners were very concerned about illegal immigration, and they flat-out wanted the border between the U.S. and Mexico closed. Now.

I went on at that point to frame my opposition to the president's "comprehensive" plan for immigration control. I said that I felt that the first job was to close the border ... then we could worry about those who have already entered.

Then I let my imagination run rampant --- and if the reporter prints the analogy I used we're going to seem some interesting reactions.

So ... might as well get it out in the open right now. My latest analogy on border control, and why a "comprehensive" plan won't work.

Let's say that you leave some windows open at your home, and suddenly you're invaded by mosquitoes. What do you do? Oh come on now. You know the first task would be to close the windows before any more mosquitoes get into your home! How hard is that? Would it make any sense to try to get rid of the bugs you already have in your house while you leave the windows and more keep swarming in!

Close the windows! (highlight added by Duke!)

Makes perfect sense ... but just maybe it will be considered to be a bit insensitive. Oh well, it probably won't make it into the story anyway.

Well ... mosquito is a Spanish word, isn't it?"

Way to go Neal.......the only piece missing from your above is the Pres' response. Probably no response is my guess......Right? Also, as of this morning the Pres has not signed the actual fence bill!


Sunday, October 08, 2006

O.K., Now All Good Dems....Salute the Canadian Army!

Michelle Malkin 1st unveiled the latest completely idiotic Democrat subtrafuge Last evening. Get That? The Democrats, on THEIR DNC page, salute soldiers while picturing a Canadian soldier. Apparently there were no pics in the Demo archives of American soldiers whom they loath!

Then Capt. Ed joined in with more, including the fact Photoshopped the picture to remove a Canadian hat emblem. That is patently absurd! Did these geeks actually think no one in this blogosphere would notice?

Might be entertaining to see what happens......will they remove the picture and find another??? Will they simply ignore it all and leave the pic??? Will they ever admit or comment upon the error, if indeed it was an error and not intentional???

I had to register and then comment on the latest DEM blog entry at DNC blog:

"I find it absolutely astounding that the Democratic National Committee cannot find an actual photo of an American soldier for their Military and Families page...but, instead must try to placate the American People with a PhotoShopped picture of a Canadian soldier.

Support the soldiers....just not ours!"

Perhaps a few more of us should also comment there! Wonder how long my comment will last?


p.s. Here is a copy of the entry w/date just to prove it is/was there!

Comments - 1 «

I find it absolutely astounding that the Democratic National Committee cannot find an actual photo of an American soldier for their Military and Families page...but, instead must try to placate the American People with a PhotoShopped picture of a Canadian soldier.

Support the soldiers....just not ours!


Posted by DukeofDeLand on October 8, 2006 at 07:13 AM

I'll keep checking back.....


UPDATE: I won't waste your time giving you a blow-by-blow of the responses in comments after mine above. Let me just say that there were both positive and negative responses to both my posted comment, and the others there. One thing stood out in consistency among the liberals who were both labeling us as "trolls" and indicating there were bigger fish to fry than whether or not the soldier was other words, that fact didn't matter...the goal of their story was to try to demonstrate support for the military. Apparently, ANYBODY's military. Shows that to a good liberal anti-military person all those soldier types look alike.

Friday, October 06, 2006

O.K. - I Give Up!

I hereby accept, encourage and perhaps wish for a Democratic win in November.

This is not with little thought. I pondered the situation for months. Vacililation was my prime movement. Now, it becomes clear to me that in the overall picture of governmental performance... nee; congressional/executive performance by a majority party, there has been nothing to provoke this Republican/Libertarian (GOP registered) to produce a vote for the GOP this year.

Border security - Perhaps the term should be non-security. In the name (hidden as it is by the Bush agenda, and tacitly endorsed by both Dems and GOPs who remain behind the veil of secrecy), this government has fought tooth and nail to legitimitize those 12 plus million who have violated federal law to enter this country. They find the business "need" for these folks willing to work for less-than-proscribed wages to outweigh the needs of the country. Those "needs" include an ability ot protect ourselves from terrorist invasion. In addition, when confronted by a House which knows where the people stand, the Bush folks have allowed a modified agenda which includes a limited fencing.....BUT.....with the fact of financing allowing the allocated monies....seed money, not total be spent on other items! This totally subverts the desires, and demands of the public.

Budget/Pork - Where is the party of Reagan? Not in the hands of GWB! I cannot go into this is too involved and too convoluted......enough to AIN'T US!

Behavior - Neat term for the hidden agenda, subtrafuge which has marked this GOP Congress and Administration. "We", the folks who took GWB to the White House, have been largely ignored and avoided by this President and this Congress of GOP. They have instead, given us what they want. Then they postulate upon the possible demise of the leadership/majority by trying to scare us into submission as voting minions of their supposed GOP attitude. Not so for me!

I am tired of it. I do not want a Dem Congress. However, it becomes much more clear to me that a Dem a acceptable, and would provide a point of refuge for us for two years. Even as we risk 2008 for the Dems!!!!!

MY GOP is not here.....they left the house long ago. Better a slim Dem majority to slap a few GOP faces than a GOP yet-again reinforced by another blind follow-the-leader vote....despite the facts of the performance of this GOP administration.

I am just too tired to continue the charade! I am wondering if it is worth voting.....a comment I did not feel I'd ever make!


Read The Truth!

From Little Green Footballs...."The Mark Foley scandal is emblematic of everything that reeks about modern US politics. This story has it all: scummy politicians abusing positions of power, cover-ups, overheated accusations, political grandstanding by outrageous hypocrites, and wall to wall salacious coverage from the drooling mainstream media."

How sad!


Funding for Air America Draws Indictments-Finally!

After a year........
it happens and RadioEqualizer, on the case from the start, has details!

About the way was the money ever actually refunded?

How about a statement from the AA folks?


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I love it!

Found it in this piece by Michelle Malkin.

Long has it been fact that "The Religion of Peace" is not.

Now Michelle (did she originate it?) has termed it TRPO (my abbreviation) or, The Religion of Perpetual Outrage!

How very accurate. Let CAIR howl and carry on, and then answer their cries with the facts....all (read each and every one) of the acts of terrorism for the past ten years have been carried out by Islamists. Not Muslims....Islamists.

Given an interpretation of the labels, you have to err on the side of the true Muslim people as non-terrorist. Islamists seem to be labeled as such due the fact they are strict interpreters of the Koran as meaning they, and only they, have the right path; AND any and all who do not so believe are available for any form of attack.

TRPO.....I'll be applying that label often.


A Jet in Every Garage?

Not likely!

They are just too expensive. Even as new smaller jets are on their way from notable firms such as Honda, the cost of purchase alone is more than $3 million. Maintenance, operation and storage will bump that cost up another $300,000 annually (given a norm stated to me by several aircraft-owning friends.....But, admittedly related to prop aircraft).

However another format, part ownership, may be just the ticket. Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) displayed one solution in this TCS Daily article.

Glenn's potential solution to still-burgeoning costs of operation and maintenance is already in operation with some of my friends. They have a slightly different version going. Instead of buying a fraction of a jet's time, they actually buy the plane in fractions and then share the costs. They maintain a log of all costs and then share them. A simple on-line calendar suffices to keep straight who gets the bird and when. The costs are shared, of course, in proportion to each owner's use.

It seems to me this is a simpler means of doing the fractional-ownership thing. And, my friend who is in a small ownership group in his prop plane insists it works really well.

Perhaps there might be "a jet in every garage" some day. This obviously would work much better in larger areas or areas where enough folks capable and interested in flying on a fairly frequent basis live. My friends who do this are located in Dallas.

Maybe Glenn needs to look into some of his professor friends or a few local industrialists/financial folks to begin working toward his own jet-filled garage.

I, by the way, find this way exciting, but have decided against plane ownership as I was looking at the new Light Sport Aircraft, two passenger birds...but settled for a quite nice 33 ft Class A motorhome for my retirement instead. Hard to sleep in a plane that holds two, and my speed of travel is usually not an issue.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

RVing this past weekend...

If you'd like to see what the Duchess and I were doing this past weekend, go to my RVing site and read three stories gathered there.....

The Site!

Interesting trip things as we begin retirement and work the "bugs" out of our touring prowess... as well as a few bugs off the front of our coach!


A Resounding Silence vs Yell & Scream!

This was just too obvious for the entire blogosphere to miss.

The current Foley brouhaha is drawing yell and scream....Mostly from Democrats; but also from a few Republicans who fear a backlash hurting them if they are not properly upset by the events.

Behind the scenes the knowledge of Foley and his quirky emails was fairly broad among both parties. I certainly find it disingenuous that the GOP tolerated this knowledge...BUT...I will not be surprised as the pattern is there.

Yell & Scream? - Dems lash out as a GOP Rep. is unveiled to the public as a less-than-savory person.

Resounding Silence? - Neal Boortz has the story on the last time this occured when BOTH a GOP and a DEM were involved....The tale is then much different.

Sez Neal: "Scandals involving pages are not new. Do you remember Gerry Studds? He was a Democrat congressman from Massachusetts In 1983 Studds, and a Republican named Dan Crane were both caught having sexual relations with pages. Crane a 17-year-old female, Studds a 17-year-old male. Both admitted their wrongdoing ... and the House Ethics Committee decided to do nothing more than issue a reprimand to both.

Crane apologized. Studds refused to do so, saying that his sexual encounter with the male page was nobody else's business. You might also be interested to know that Congressman Studds took his 17-year-old boy toy to Morocco for their little sex tryst. Why? So that he wouldn't be violating any laws here at home. Studds was 46 years old at the time. Did Studds' relationship with this boy bother Democrats at home in Massachusetts? Evidently not. He continued to be reelected until he retired in 1996.

One is left to wonder what would have happened in the Democrat-controlled House Ethics Committee if only Crane had been caught. Was the punishment limited to reprimand only because there was also a Democrat involved? .

One thing we do know ... there was no Democrat House leader back then saying that Democrat leaders failed to protect the children in their trust. That was left for Nancy Pelosi in the current scandal. In the Studds matter no Democrat suggested that the Democratic leadership be questioned as to what they knew about Studds' behavior, as Pelosi is doing now.

Trust me on this one. Pelosi's main concern is not protecting "the children." Her main concern now is maximizing the political advantage from this whole sordid mess."

Yeppers, is quite clear when viewed thru the eyeglasses of historical precedence. It all depends upon who is involved.