Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How Do You Keep Mosquitos Out?

You know, those little uninvited things invading through the open window....

Neal Boortz had the answer, as he unveiled on his web page this morning....AND he delivered it to GWB during the bloggers visit with the President.

"The reporter then asked if there were any exchanges between us and the president that might be defined as, shall we say, challenging. The issue of immigration policy immediately came to mind. We told the president that our listeners were very concerned about illegal immigration, and they flat-out wanted the border between the U.S. and Mexico closed. Now.

I went on at that point to frame my opposition to the president's "comprehensive" plan for immigration control. I said that I felt that the first job was to close the border ... then we could worry about those who have already entered.

Then I let my imagination run rampant --- and if the reporter prints the analogy I used we're going to seem some interesting reactions.

So ... might as well get it out in the open right now. My latest analogy on border control, and why a "comprehensive" plan won't work.

Let's say that you leave some windows open at your home, and suddenly you're invaded by mosquitoes. What do you do? Oh come on now. You know the first task would be to close the windows before any more mosquitoes get into your home! How hard is that? Would it make any sense to try to get rid of the bugs you already have in your house while you leave the windows and more keep swarming in!

Close the windows! (highlight added by Duke!)

Makes perfect sense ... but just maybe it will be considered to be a bit insensitive. Oh well, it probably won't make it into the story anyway.

Well ... mosquito is a Spanish word, isn't it?"

Way to go Neal.......the only piece missing from your above is the Pres' response. Probably no response is my guess......Right? Also, as of this morning the Pres has not signed the actual fence bill!