Friday, October 06, 2006

O.K. - I Give Up!

I hereby accept, encourage and perhaps wish for a Democratic win in November.

This is not with little thought. I pondered the situation for months. Vacililation was my prime movement. Now, it becomes clear to me that in the overall picture of governmental performance... nee; congressional/executive performance by a majority party, there has been nothing to provoke this Republican/Libertarian (GOP registered) to produce a vote for the GOP this year.

Border security - Perhaps the term should be non-security. In the name (hidden as it is by the Bush agenda, and tacitly endorsed by both Dems and GOPs who remain behind the veil of secrecy), this government has fought tooth and nail to legitimitize those 12 plus million who have violated federal law to enter this country. They find the business "need" for these folks willing to work for less-than-proscribed wages to outweigh the needs of the country. Those "needs" include an ability ot protect ourselves from terrorist invasion. In addition, when confronted by a House which knows where the people stand, the Bush folks have allowed a modified agenda which includes a limited fencing.....BUT.....with the fact of financing allowing the allocated monies....seed money, not total be spent on other items! This totally subverts the desires, and demands of the public.

Budget/Pork - Where is the party of Reagan? Not in the hands of GWB! I cannot go into this is too involved and too convoluted......enough to AIN'T US!

Behavior - Neat term for the hidden agenda, subtrafuge which has marked this GOP Congress and Administration. "We", the folks who took GWB to the White House, have been largely ignored and avoided by this President and this Congress of GOP. They have instead, given us what they want. Then they postulate upon the possible demise of the leadership/majority by trying to scare us into submission as voting minions of their supposed GOP attitude. Not so for me!

I am tired of it. I do not want a Dem Congress. However, it becomes much more clear to me that a Dem a acceptable, and would provide a point of refuge for us for two years. Even as we risk 2008 for the Dems!!!!!

MY GOP is not here.....they left the house long ago. Better a slim Dem majority to slap a few GOP faces than a GOP yet-again reinforced by another blind follow-the-leader vote....despite the facts of the performance of this GOP administration.

I am just too tired to continue the charade! I am wondering if it is worth voting.....a comment I did not feel I'd ever make!