Thursday, September 28, 2006

Perspective on Iraq!

Time for us to get our heads out of the MSM sand, and take a real look at the facts about US image and favorable/unfavorable opinion in Iraq!

Let us examine the steps to Iraqi independence......

1. We win "War" for Iraq, and drop the Saddam Hussein leadership into a hole....sorry for the pun.

2. We help the Iraqi people sdet up an interim government, and establish the 1st-in recent history- vote by the "people"!

3. We help train Iraqi soldiers, and military in general.

4. We watch as the Iraqi people vote again for their new official government!

5. The Iraqi government takes control of one province by themselves, with US in advisory capacity.

6. The Iraqi folks begin to feel strong control tendencies for themselves.

7. Feelings of the populace move in direct proportion to their effectiveness in governing/controlling from wanting US there to beginning to want US out of there.

What is wrong with this folks? NOTHING!

If we had a fledgling government which now was flexing muscle and feeling more in control, and we had a supervisory group (read US) helping us, then as soon as we felt we had control of the situation at home we would WANT the supervisory folks to let go and go home.


The MSM again wants to believe they can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Perspective is what it is all about, and in-depth analytical reporting of these facts is amazingly missing!