Monday, September 25, 2006

Don't Be Distracted By Bill!

President Clinton, interviewed by Fox's Chris Wallace, suddenly went ballistic when asked about why his administration didn't do more about Bin Laden.

Don't be confused about the rant, cheap accusations, et al by the fair-haired boy. It was all a game. One he and Hillary play equally well. Whenever either is questioned or taken to task on any topic they know the best defense is indignation and return-accusations. They use it constantly and thus avoid any real discussion of the issue offered by media or anyone else.

The Clinton shell game.....never answer any accusatory statement. Just attack and declare the evil right-wing intentions of the questioner. They have always, and will always utilize the gimic. By now the MSM should be aware of the tactic.


Update: At Real Clear Politics it is "Bill Clinton: Play it As It Lies!" Nice piece by Ronald A. Cass who sees the Clinton tantrum as an attempt to reinvent himself as the defense president!