Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Religion of Peace, Part XXXXXX

Here it is folks, laid out by none other than Neal Boortz......

"No, it's not old news. This is THE news. We have to wake up, my friends. We have the leader of the Catholic Church frankly acting like he's afraid of the Muslim world. Perhaps he should be? After all, these wonderful, peace-loving Muslims have already called for his beheading, and they shot a Catholic Nun in the back in Somalia.

Come on, folks. Wake up and smell the cordite.

A Danish newspapers prints a cartoon that depicts Mohammed as violent ... and Muslims erupt in violence.

The Pope quotes the last Byzantine Emperor -- dead for 600 years -- who felt that Islam was a violent religion ... and Muslims erupt in violence.

Is this registering with you?"

Be serious folks! Take a clue......the "Religion of Peace" is NOT THAT! They are the religion of peace, IF YOU ARE PART OF THEIR VIEW OF RELIGION!

If not, then you are subject to DEATH or CONVERSION!!!!!!

There are NO alternatives!

Is that clear enough?

Ask your local Imam......If he will state his position on the record, and see what he sez.... it will be a BIG message of avoidance of the question......Guaranteed!