Monday, September 04, 2006

Miller Time is Past!

Since the inception of the Miller Icehouse beer program, I have been a more-than-willing participant in the swilling of this high-octane brew!

I first had an Icehouse at a local Tampa Pizza Parlor when a Miller rep was shamelessly promoting the brew through the passing around of free suds. Never 0ne to pass up a freebie, I delved deeply into the Icehouse and found it quite tasty.......FOR an American Beer of major brand! I love the imports/microbrews, etc. However, Icehouse became my staple for beer consumption.

Today, I renounce it. I had been quite upset when I heard the 1st reports that Miller Brewing had financially supported an illegal alien program in Chicago. Now they have taken another step and begun to "spin" like a PR machine without control.....

"We did, but we didn't" seems to be the cry from the Miller flaks......

Michelle Malkin has the story in much better detail than I could, go read her entry...

Good bye old Icehouse.....I will miss you, however any brewer who believes they can pander to the illegals while lying about doing so and then expect we will simply ignore it, is going to face my wrath.....Who knows if I am alone or part of the pack in this one.

Guess we'll see how it unfolds.