Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Fast-food Jihadists?"

Captain Ed refers to a Der Speigel label of the British group planning to down airplanes as "Fast-food Jihadists."

I believe his theory which expands this new terminology to cover Canadian and American groups recently uncovered/arrested.

Read Ed's lengthy post and understand.

It has long appeared to me that the understanding by the Islamoterrorist organizations of our reticence to approach control of their imported Imams who are the "terrorist trainers/converters; coupled with our huge group of apologists trying to retain Muslim as the "peace people", is our downfall. Until we end the preaching of terror and war against us in the temples of the "Religion of Peace", we shall continue down the path of doom as a nation.

Perhaps the next successful terrorist strike in the USA will change this, but has it in Britain or Spain or any other place struck by these terrorists? No!