Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We are Programmed to Fail!

The new UN resolution which created at least a temporary ceasefire (Hezbollah seems to think it is apparently a "hudna", or re-armament time) is going to fail. The failure is being assured by the UN and its feckless leader Kofi Annan.

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters sez: "This doesn't represent much of an improvement. UNSCR 1701 does promise a better world, but it unfortunately leaves it to the UN to deliver. Predictably, it has failed to demonstrate much enthusiasm for the task. Its leader, Kofi Annan, told Israelis that the primary basis for its agreement to 1701 -- the disarming of Hezbollah -- doesn't really concern the UN, despite two demands for the action from its own Security Council. Annan also told Israelis that the UN would get around to sending troops to support the Lebanese Army ... in a year. Maybe."

Let me see.....No Hezbollah disarmament, no UN troops (would they simply support Hezbollah anyway?), and an attitude by the Lebanese themselves that they don't wish to in any way impact Hezbollah....WOW I am sure this is gonna work.....NOT!

Ed's piece is a good take on the situation.

I see only two possible reasons for our support of the ceasefire:

1. Bush and Company saw Olmert failing to deliver upon the promise of stopping and disarming Hezbollah by virtue of his apparent dithering in the face of whatever...And his general incompetence.

2. We're not ready to raise the stakes to a level where the entire Iran/Syria/Hezbollah fiasco could be solved.