Thursday, August 10, 2006

"Young, Britsh-Born, Asian Men!"

M-U-S-L-I-M !!!!!

Why in hell is that word like glue on the tongues of our MSM? The title quote above was used almost exclusively by all the UK be repeated here in the USA.

The fact is......if these men (the British plot folk) were all as described......they were plotting because they were muslim. It was not because they were British by birth; and, it certainly was not that they were Asian by heritage.

Does this mean all muslims are terrorists.......NO! It means simply that all terrorists-to-date have been muslim!

Political correctness will end the Western powers....if it has not already done so beyond the point of no return.

Meanwhile, where are the remaining 8 Egyptian muslim youth who skipped out from their flight to attend a Montana university? Three have been accounted for......Perhaps they were in a similar planned event, and they may still be!

Check your 6 at all times!