Thursday, August 03, 2006

Now Watch the Outcry & Anguish!

I sincerely hope I am wrong.....But know deep down inside that I am not!

6 Dead civilians in Israel from a Hezbollah rocket.....three of them children!

All based upon direct deliberate attempts by Hezbollah to target civilians vs military!

Where will the world outcry come from on this death-to-civilians? NOWHERE!

Liberal US apologists will decry the Israeli bombing of a building in Qana as just cause for the "response"......Euro-Weenies will decry the spread of civilian deaths caused by Israel.

It is always traceable back to the Israelites according to liberal idiots.

There is NEVER any direct responsibility to the Hezbollah and their provocation which caused this war in the first place. (Excuse me, this is not the war cause...It is the expansion of a long-term war in which rocket attacks on Israeli civilians is the norm!

What a crock!