Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Is Hezbollah Truly On The Way Out?

Allow me some optimism here, please.

The favorites of the MSM are the Israel-bashing headlines over the past few weeks...Those headlines which announce how poorly Israel is doing against Hezbollah; how much force they have used to gain little; how many rockets still rain down on Israel; ad nauseum!

I know from history that the IDF, unless some unknown internal collapse has occurred, is completely capable, and able to determine for itself the best method to defeat the terrorists.

Now an analysis of just why they are moving in the right direction comes from Steve Schippert, writing at ThreatsWatch.

There seems to me much sense in his analysis.

This morning's actions indicate much background truth....Fewer rockets over the past several days are being fired at Israel (excepting some "spurts" of rockets over a brief period)....The IDF attacks and captures several Hezbollah officers in one of their most-secure nests of terrorists (a hospital, of course)....And, reports of Syria dispersing their troops from military posts (notice, I said disperse and not realigned at the Syrian border, so they are being "made safe").

I agree the next two-three days are very, very important for Israeli forces. They seem poised to snatch up success.


UPDATE: Capt. Ed at Captain's Quarters is also on the last-gasp theory with his "Israel Got Hezbollah's Attention" piece.