Monday, July 31, 2006

"If you hide behind a baby carriage..."

Arutz Sheva, a mother of an Israeli soldier whose best friend is in Lebanon as part of the elite Israeli corp, writes at

"Please remember this when you hear about the "atrocity" of the Israeli bomb (allegedly) dropped on Kfar Kana, killing many civilians, a place from which Hizbullah has fired hundreds of rockets at Israel. Unlike previous administrations, Mr. Ehud Olmert has my respect when he says: "They were warned to leave. It is the responsibility of Hizbullah for firing rockets amidst civilians."

Terrorists and their supporters have lost the right to complain about civilian casualties, since all they have done this entire war is target civilians. Every single one of the more than 2,500 rockets launched into Israel is launched into populated towns filled with women and children. Just today, another suicide belt meant to kill civilians in Israel was detonated harmlessly by our forces in Nablus.

So, don't cry to me about civilian casualties. Cry to those using your babies and wives and mothers; cry to those who store weapons in mosques, ambulances, hospitals and private homes. Cry to those launching deadly rockets from the backyards of your kindergartens and schools. Cry to the heartless men who love death, and who, however many of their troops or civilians die, consider themselves victorious as long as they can keep on firing rockets at our women and children.

Save your sympathy for the mothers and sisters and girlfriends of our young soldiers who would rather be sitting in study halls learning Torah, but have no choice but to risk their precious lives - full of hope, goodness and endless potential - to wipe out the cancerous terrorist cells that threaten their people and all mankind. Make your choice, and save your tears.

That terrorists have been unsuccessful in killing more of our women and children is due to our army, God and our prayers, not to any lack of motivation or intention on their part. If you hide behind your baby to shoot at my baby, you are responsible for getting children killed. You, and you alone."

The facts of this war are very all but the MSM and our Euro-weenie friends.

Captain Ed writes on the Lebanese leader, Fuad Saniora, and his newest statement supporting Hezbollah...."We already know that Lebanon has ultimate responsibility for acts carried out by militias it tolerates on its land, but the assumption was that Saniora didn't disband Hezbollah out of inability. Statements such as these make it appear that Saniora didn't want to disband Hezbollah under any circumstances. That makes Saniora more overtly responsible for the act of war, and it frees Israel to target Lebanese military assets on a much broader basis."

Read Ed's entire piece to get the story.

The mystery of why the rest of the world ignores the bombing/rocket attacks by Hezbollah on citizens, as a matter of course, is beyond this person's understanding. The Hezbollah idiocy bombs citizens daily.....not one time.....Oh, and wait for the entire story on Israeli bombing of the building in Qana as it now apopears the building stood for hours after the bomb and then fell in.....Must have been very slow people inside the building. (Sorry, that was insensitive....been reading too much KOS!).