Sunday, July 30, 2006

How Do You Fight The Terrorist?

Will Collier, at VodkaPundit has an interesting and quite nice piece on how we fight the terrorists who hide among the population....while also screaming when that population is killed/wounded as a result. First, read his stuff!

Now, the added question.....How do you fairly fight these mad people while dealing with an MSM that ignores the fact they hide among the civilians, and then attacks when Israel kills civilians while mopping up a rocket-launching crew.....all the while continuing to ignore that the terrorists themselves are lobbing HUNDREDS of rockets and missiles unabashedly targeting civilians.

Who-the-HELL invented this double standard....and, why are our media not much-more-often questioned publicly about the double standard?

Until we can get the bleeding-heart Libs to level their playing field (never happen) I see no way to portray this fairly. The UN, of course, lives by the same double standard.

Frankly, if we scrape and bow to the gods of UN/MSM/Liberal idiocy, we will find the world a Muslim world, led by Islamofascists.....and dhimmitude will be the flavor of forever!

My God what have we allowed to descend upon us?

Someone find a few keys, quickly, so we can reestablish our USA as it was envisioned by our founders.